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Lot 8001


Details: Salvatore Grippi (American, b. 1921)
Untitled (1956)
Oil on canvas (49x37)
Worth Auctions Lot ID: SG-005

Worth Auctions is pleased to be offering a number of rare early works by the important New York School painter Salvatore Grippi, who worked and exhibited alongside the likes of de Kooning, Nevelson, and Kline during the heyday of Abstract Expressionism in the 1950s. In 1968, Grippi established the art department at Ithaca College, where he taught until 1991. In 2011, he was honored with a solo retrospective at Cornell University's Johnson Museum of Art, marking the last time until now that his work has been on view in his hometown. Says Evan D. Williams, a AAA-certified appraiser and Director of Fine Art for Worth Auctions, “It's a privilege to be curating and bringing Grippi's work to market. He was a significant figure in postwar abstraction and his work from this period has graced the walls of MoMA, the Whitney, and
the Met but has seldom appeared at auction. I think it's fitting that the pieces will be shown and sold right here in Ithaca, where Grippi taught and maintained a studio for most of his career, while also being visible to the entire world of collectors through our online platforms.”
Condition / Notes: This painting shows some signs of age and wear including mild to moderate discoloration, surface abrasions, canvas slacking, etc.
Lot 8002


Details: This lot consists of a vintage Leica Summicron lens, 1:2\35.
The serial number on the lens is #2098136.

Leica Camera AG is a German company that manufactures optics and high end cameras. The company was founded by Ernst Leitz in 1914. The name Leica is derived from the first three letters of his surname (Leitz) and the first two of the word camera: lei-ca. (Courtesy Wikipedia)
Condition / Notes: This lot comes from a well maintained estate and shows very nicely with signs that it has been handled with care. This lens was present with other accessories and camera that were in use in the estate and is believed to be in working condition. The lens cap shows some light wear from storage. Overall, the lens is in good condition and shows well.
Lot 8003


Details: Pierre Bonnard PLACE CLICHY 1922 Color Lithograph Wove Paper Color Variant Trial Proof Grey Stone French Artwork Post-Impressionist Avant-Garde

This color lithograph by French artist Pierre Bonnard is entitled "Place Clichy," 1922.

Roger-Marx 77; Bouvet 88, trial proof.

A fine impression of this large, impressive lithograph on wove paper with good margins, printed in two shades of orange, olive-green, grey and black. This is a color variant and probably a trial proof, printed with a grey stone instead of usual blue, before the edition of 100 published by Bernheim-Jeune.

The piece measures approximately 33.75" x 26.5"

Pierre Bonnard (3 October 1867 — 23 January 1947) was a French painter and printmaker, as well as a founding member of the Post-Impressionist group of avant-garde painters Les Nabis. Bonnard preferred to work from memory, using drawings as a reference, and his paintings are often characterized by a dreamlike quality. The intimate domestic scenes, for which he is perhaps best known, often include his wife Marthe de Meligny. [Courtesy Wikipedia]

Please attend our live sale to view this and other interesting pieces in person.
Condition / Notes: This piece displays boldly showing only a typical range of age and wear indications. The piece has not been examined outside of its frame.
Lot 8004


Details: Ancient Southern China WHEEL TURNED CLAY BOWL Han Or Sui Dynasty Primitive Painted Ceramic Asia Artifact Historical Warring States Period Antique

This lot consists of an ancient clay bowl from Southern China.

Made during either the Han or Sui Dynasties, this primitive bowl was thrown on a pottery wheel. This piece measures approx. 5.5" across.

The Han dynasty in China lasted from 206 BC – 220 AD and the pottery wheel has been found in that country since approx. 1000 BC.
Condition / Notes: This ancient bowl is very well preserved and exhibits signs of age and wear such as chipping and soiling.
Lot 8005



This Lot consists of a set of 5 oak stacking barrister bookcases. Each as a glass front, copper detailing and copper or brass pulls. The set comes with a top and bottom, and the top unit of the cases still bears a paper label reading "The Globe-Wernicke Co. Cincinnati Patented Size D-X Top Grade 198" Each measures 10" x 34" x 11" As a unit, including the top and botton piece, it measures 62" x 34" x 11". The top features the sought after
"ogee" or "roll" top. Late 19th or early 20th Century manufacture.
Condition / Notes: This lot shows well with typical signs of age and wear. Some abrasion, interior may have been repainted, but all pulls and glass appear to be original.
Lot 8006


Details: These handwritten notes from as late as the early 19th century offer some grisly details about a court case involving "an unsound slave." The notes are the defendant's suggested instructions to the jury. The defendant was charged with a breach of warranty because the woman he sold had died shortly thereafter. The letter specifies, "Admitting the girl Sarah was afflicted with an incurable disease at the time of the sale and delivery to Stokes [the purchaser] by Hubby [the seller] . . . Unless it can be proved that Hubby knew she was so afflicted Stokes can not recover," meaning the prosecutor must prove to the jury that the seller was aware of the ailments of the woman he sold. The note goes on to add "It must be shown from the evidence that the Negro girl is dead before the plaintiff is entitled to sue and recover." The callous language discussing a recently deceased woman as a piece of property is indicative of the harsh reality of slavery in America and its dehumanizing consequences.

Please attend our live sale to view this and other historic pieces in person.
Condition / Notes: These notes display nicely with only minor indications of age and wear. There are 2 full pages and 1 page torn in half. Despite its age, the pages show only minor toning mostly on the edges. There is a moisture marking on the back page, perhaps from the time this piece was written. The handwriting has faded somewhat though it is still legible.
Lot 8007



This lot consists of a Rembrandt etching, Artist Drawing from a Model, c. 1646 (Bartsch 192 ii/ii, Nowell-Usticke 192 i early/ii). The impression is laid down on board measuring 10.25" x 8.5" It is matted to 18" x 14".

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (15 July 1606 – 4 October 1669) was a Dutch draughtsman, painter, and printmaker. An innovative and prolific master in three media, he is generally considered one of the greatest visual artists in the history of art and the most important in Dutch art history. Unlike most Dutch masters of the 17th century, Rembrandt's works depict a wide range of style and subject matter, from portraits and self-portraits to landscapes, genre scenes, allegorical and historical scenes, biblical and mythological themes as well as animal studies (courtesy of Wikipedia).
Condition / Notes: This lot is a good impression before the Basan issues and before the scratch on the easel. Laid down to board, time toned, with some surface damages. Trimmed with no margin.
Lot 8008


Details: This handmade large-scale glass "Mega" vase was created by contemporary glass artist Tony Serviente. The vase measures approximately 19" wide at its widest point and stands approximately 27" high.

According to the Corning Museum of Glass:
"Tony Serviente has been working with glass for more than 30 years, and teaching glass techniques to students of all ages for more than 25 years. He has built stained glass windows and lamps, and created vases, dishes, bowls, and sculpture using kiln forming techniques.

His work is currently sold in stores, boutiques, and galleries throughout the United States. Tony has been the recipient of the Niche Award for Lighting in 2004 and has been featured on Home and Garden Television. A true testament to his dedication to the material, his glass can be found on every continent (including the McMurdo station on Antartica)."

Please attend our live sale to view this and other interesting pieces in person.

Condition / Notes: This piece displays boldly showing only a typical range of age and wear indications.
Lot 8009


Details: This group features 14 marked sterling silver pieces. There are 11 spoons, 1 fork, and a pair of salt/pepper shakers. Featured in this group is an intricate teaspoon depicting a Native American on its handle and the name "Tecumseh" on the bowl of the spoon; a similarly intricate spoon depicting a soldier that reads "Riley, Camp Funston" on the front of its handle while the back is engraved with the date "12.25.18" and the name "Louis"; and a small spoon that bears what appears to be the seal of Rutgers University. Other pieces have ornate decorations and patterns as well.

Please attend our live sale to view these and other interesting pieces in person.

Condition / Notes: These pieces display nicely despite typical indications of age and wear. Some pieces are tarnished though this should be easily removed by applying polish.
Lot 8010


Details: James Abbott McNeill Whistler BLUE AND SILVER THE BLUE WAVE BIARRITZ 1862 Signed Script & Butterfly Original Photograph of Painting Rare Limited Edition Original Mount Ocean Scene American Artist Gilded Age

This lot consists of an antique photograph of the painting "Blue and Silver - The Blue Wave Biarritz" by James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1862).

The lot is pencil signed by Whistler on the original mount with both the script and the butterfly signature. rare. (18686)

This lot measures approximately 20" x 16"

Please attend our live sale to inspect these volumes in person.
Condition / Notes: This antique photograph shows well with typical signs of age/wear, some edgewear to the mount.
Lot 8011


Details: These 4 contemporary Chinese picture stones (also known as dream stones) come enclosed in a decorative box. The box measures approximately 10.25"x6.25". The stones each stand approximately 2.5" high and 4.5" across.

Please attend our live sale to view these and other interesting pieces in person.

4pcs Decorative Box Set CONTEMPORARY CHINESE PICTURE/DREAM STONES Artwork Sculpture Painting Home/Office/Studio Decorations China Art
Condition / Notes: These stones display nicely in their decorative cloth covered box with only the slightest indications of age and wear.
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