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Lot 4001


Details: This lot consists of antique pre-Civil War and Civil War era correspondences obtained from a local estate as shown in the corresponding images. Many date from 1840s - 1860s. Included is a letter from "Brother Merritt in Springfield TO William H. Sanford (1842) about Lucy's death"
Condition / Notes: These items show well with some age/wear indications, which may include foxing, age toning, and soiling.
Lot 4002


Details: This lot includes the high quality Meade StarNavigator NG 125 Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope (P/N 218006). The telescope comes from a high quality local estate that included a quantity of electronics and equipment that saw little or no use.

From the manufacturer:
"Meade's popular StarNavigator telescope series has been given a fresh upgrade. The recently developed 125 mm StarNavigator NG Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope with single-arm mount provides the elegance of a computerized GOTO telescope system at a modest price point. The StarNavigator NG 125 Mak-Cass comes with two 1.25" Super Plossl eyepieces (9 mm and 25 mm), a red dot finder and Audio Star controller."

Included in the box:
Meade 125 mm StarNavigator NG Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

25 mm Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepiece - 1.25"

9 mm Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepiece - 1.25"

Red Dot Finder

Audio Star Hand Controller

Condition / Notes: This meade telescope is in very good operational condition and appears to have been used once, if at all.
Lot 4003


Details: This is a large antique safe on wheels made by the Cary Safe Company of Buffalo, NY. Personalized for W. H. Peckham, his handsome tole-painted piece with a landscape painting on the door is fully operational and has small locking compartments inside. The locking mechanism is number 53868 and the combination are present.

The Cary Safe Company operated in Buffalo, NY, from 1878 to 1929. A majority of the safes sold by Cary had letters painted to the purchaser's request on the upper portion of the safe. Typically common was a customer’s family name or the name of a business. Every Cary safe was built fire and burglar-proof.

Officers for the company were: President, Horace D. Cary; Vice President, Edgar B. Jewett; Secretary, Sherman L. Cary; Treasurer, Albert W. Smith; and Superintendent, J. H. Goehler. The company also employed a number of traveling salesman around the United States.

Popular company advertising slogans included:
“A Safe is a Lifetime Investment”
"Growing Great Since Seventy Eight"
CARY SAFES "The Safe Investment"
"Uniform Strength Throughout"

The company's headquarters, which included production and office buildings, was located in a 1 1/2-acre, three-story building, at the corner of 250-266 Chicago Street and 217–249 Scott Street. In the 1920s a service and sales building was opened at 1200 Niagara Street.

We found reference to two gentlemen named W.H. Peckham. One was an
Officer at the Mohawk National Bank in Schenectady.

The other was a New York City lawyer, Wheeler Hazard Peckham, (January 1, 1833 – September 27, 1905).

Condition / Notes: This very heavy antique safe is operational and the combination is present. The interior is clean and the exterior paint shows significant age/wear indications.
Lot 4004


Details: This is an antique wooden firetruck ladder.

This impressive oak fireman's ladder is handmade by Ira Barnes, a master woodworker employed by the La France Fire Engine Company, founded 1880 in Elmira, NY. Barnes also built wooden boats.

The ladder measures 21 feet in length and is 15.5 inches across. The width of the latter is 3.25" at the center and tapers to 2.5" at either end.

Shortly after the 1864 incorporation of Elmira, NY, competition began about how to upgrade from old-fashioned, hand-fed fire engines. According to a 1921 Telegram article, the famous “fire engine fight” began between Republicans and Democrats “when it came to purchasing our first steam fire engine there were two active contestants for the honor — and Elmira’s money. One was an Amoskeag made somewhere down-east and the other a Sillsbee, manufactured in Seneca Falls.” Apparently the final test took place on the Main Street bridge with a committee led by Democratic Alderman De Bruce Goodell, an Amoskeag adherent, and Republican Alderman Charles G. Fairman, a Sillsbee supporter conducting the contest. “At times the fight was quite furious. Our worthy city officials confined themselves to an abbreviated alphabet, but the boys sometimes resorted to ever ready youthful fists upon the least provocation.” After weeks of wrangling they decided to buy both machines, one a rotary and the other a piston engine. From this beginning Elmira would become the “Fire Engine Capital of the World.”

While the Common Council argued over which steam engine to purchase, a young man named Truckson LaFrance came to Elmira. He would eventually found the LaFrance Fire Engine company. [StarGazette Nov. 10, 2015]

Condition / Notes: This impressive handmade ladder is strong and intact, and shows signs of age/wear from normal use. The wood exhibits age appropriate patina and discoloration.
Lot 4005


Details: This lot features 5Pcs of photographic equipment, including two action cameras, a compact photo printer, a battery grip and a mini DV camera.

The two action cameras are the MUVI NPNG and Liweidier Eyoyo Boblov. The MUVI HD Special Edition No Proof No Glory camera features a Waterproof Case that is capable of depths of 60 Meters underwater for a full 60 minutes, and can record at 1920 x 1080 at 30fps, 960p at 30fps and 720p at 60 & 30fps. The Boblov is a body camera capable of capturing full HD footage and has 32GB of internal storage. Also included in this lot is the Canon Selphy CP800 compact photo printer which can print borderless photos in vibrant color or Black and White in Credit Card or Postcard size. The CP800 has a built in 2.5" LCD screen to preview images, and automatically delivers face detection, backlight correction and noise reduction. Lastly this lot also contains a Vello BG-P1 battery grip and a Canon Optura mini DV camera.
Condition / Notes: The items in this lot show signs of wear constant with their age and use. Overall they appear to have been used sparingly with most of the items still having their original boxes.
Lot 4006


Details: This lot consists of 9 sets of United States uncirculated coins and commemorative coins including:

- "World War II 50th Anniversary Coins" with certificate of authenticity.

- "The White House 200th Anniversary Coin" Silver Dollar, with certificate of authenticity.

- "United States Mint First Flight Centennial Commemorative Coin Program", commemorating Orville and Wilbur Wright, with certificate of authenticity.

- "United States Mint Columbus Quincentenary Coin" silver dollar and half-dollar, from 1992 and includes a certificate of authenticity. Also included in this set is a half-dollar coin dated 2892 "World's Columbian Exposition".

- "1995 Civil War Battlefield Commemorative Coins", with certificate of authenticity.

- "Heroes of D-Day Commemorative Coin".

- "Heroes of the War In the Pacific".

- "Heroes of the Raid on Tokyo".

- "The P-40 Flying Tiger Commemorative Coin".

Condition / Notes: These United State mint coins show very well and are in excellent condition. The World's Columbian Exposition coin exhibits more wear from age.
Lot 4007


Details: This is a beautiful brown leather dressage saddle as shown in the corresponding images.

This Thornhill Armaugh is wears a tag from Shannon Saddlery in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and reads Tiklat Orig. and genuine medallion.

Included with this saddle are stirrups, a fleece blanket and fitted nylon cover to protect the leather from dust.

The measurements are:

Maker's button to cantle: 16"
Stirrup bar to bottom of the flap: 14"

Stamped into the leather over the girth strap attachment is: 16" W
Condition / Notes: This dressage saddle is in excellent condition and appears unused.
Lot 4008


Details: Vintage Parts Clock SCHMECKENBECHER CUCKOO CLOCK REGULA MOVEMENT BLACK FOREST CLOCK c1976 Battery Powered Canary Mechanical Cuckoo

Maker: E. Schmeckenbecher case with Regula movement

History of Maker: Emil Schmeckenbecher clocks are world renowned for their intricate craftsmanship. Regula is one of only 2 companies that continue to produce cuckoo clock movements in the Black Forest region of Germany. The company can trace its legacy back to the mid-19th century.

Country of Origin: Germany

Year of Manufacture: c.1976

Model: Wall Clock

Serial Number: Backplate: 12-76 Movement: 25/76/G.M.1884288/1892176

Clock Type: One-Day Cuckoo Clock

Approximate Height: 9" not including crown

Model History & Features: When this clock functions properly, after the mechanical cuckoo calls the hour, a second door opens and a "D" battery powered canary begins chirping.

Running?: No, untested

Condition: This clock is composed of 50% of its original parts. The pendulum and weights are not included. The border has come detached from the case and one of its decorative birds has come detached as well. The crown has split into 3 pieces and the rooftop on the case is splitting down its center. This clock is in poor condition and is intended to be used for parts which may help augment some of the other clocks available during this auction.

Condition / Notes: The condition of this clock as stated above is accurate at the time of cataloging. The clock may require some adjustment, tuning, or minor maintenance upon receipt.
Lot 4009


Details: This lot consists of a screen print portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt with his original signature in the bottom left corner. The portrait was sketched by Newman S. Sudduth.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (30 January 1882 – 12 April 1945), often referred to by his initials FDR, was an American statesman and political leader who served as the 32nd President of the United States from 1933 until his death in 1945. A Democrat, he won a record four presidential elections and became a central figure in world events during the first half of the 20th century. Roosevelt directed the federal government during most of the Great Depression, implementing his New Deal domestic agenda in response to the worst economic crisis in U.S. history. As a dominant leader of his party, he built the New Deal Coalition, which realigned American politics into the Fifth Party System and defined American liberalism throughout the middle third of the 20th century. His third and fourth terms were dominated by World War II. He is often rated by scholars as one of the three greatest U.S. presidents, along with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

This piece measures approximately 9” x 12”.

This piece displays some indications of age and wear including creasing, small tears, light soiling, and age toning.
Condition / Notes: This piece displays some indications of age and wear including creasing, small tears, light soiling, and age toning.
Lot 4010


Details: This framed, original watercolor painting comes directly from the artist’s estate. This beautiful painting features an idyllic small-town summer scene with a prominently featured American flag. On prints made from this painting, the artist entitled it "Fourth of July". The piece bears an original signature by the artist. The painting has been professionally framed in solid oak and is presented with thick, triple matting.

The frame measures approximately 28” by 22”.

Jack Graziano created an 88-acre artist’s homestead in Upstate New York where he built his studio and home, and worked for many years. He identified his art as inspired by nature and worked in a variety of media including art glass, painting, drawing, woodworking and welded/forged steel sculpture. Graziano was influenced by Andrew Wyeth, as is evident in many of his paintings, and studied at the Pratt Institute in Manhattan.

Condition / Notes: This painting shows beautifully with a bright, unfaded image. There are no marks or other flaws to the painting or the matting and the frame shows only a small amount of light, scattered, age/wear indications.
Lot 4011


Details: This lot consists of hundreds of unused American stamps that came directly to us from a fine area estate. A fair amount can also be collectibles and are quite interesting an picturesque.

Included in this fine lot are automobile collectible stamps, "Buffalo Soldiers" collectibles, Ship collectibles, and biplane to name a few.
Condition / Notes: These vintage and antique stamps show well. Older stamps or cancelled stamps may show light additional wear and tear.
Lot 4012


Details: This lot consists of the antique botanical plates shown in the corresponding images.

These plates include hand-tinted lithographs and engravings, some of which are on laid paper or, have corresponding page(s) of text.

Artists, engravers and lithographers include P. Bessa, Barrois, W.P.C. Barton, Tanner, Vallance, Kearney & Co., Hart, Watts, Syd Edwards, and Sansom. Subjects include Rosa Pimprenelle, Anemone Arborea, Campanula Linifolia and Dracontium Polyphyllum.

Plates measure between approximately 10.5" x 14" and 5.25" x 9.25".

Condition / Notes: These items generally show well with some age/wear indications concentrated at the extremities. Colors are well preserved.
Lot 4013


Details: This antique Horrocks-Ibbotson Co. brochure from 1936 features a short piece on fly-fishing by Zane Grey. Advertisements for Hexi-Super-Cane Rods, Horrocks-Ibbotson Rods, salt water reels, fly reels, lines, bait, and accessories are also featured. This brochure is stamped ”S.C.M. Packard & Co. 226 Main Street, Wareham, Mass.”, and measures approximately 3.25” x 6”.

Pearl Zane Grey (31 January 1872 – 23 October 1939) was an American author and dentist best known for his popular adventure novels and stories associated with the Western genre in literature and the arts; he idealized the American frontier. “Riders of the Purple Sage” (1912) was his best-selling book. In addition to the commercial success of his printed works, they had second lives and continuing influence when adapted as films and television productions. His novels and short stories have been adapted into 112 films, two television episodes, and a television series, Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater.

An avid fisherman, Grey indulged his interest in fishing with visits to Australia and New Zealand. He first visited New Zealand in 1926 and caught several large fish of great variety, including a mako shark, a ferocious fighter which presented a new challenge. Grey established a base at Otehei Bay, Urupukapuka Island in the Bay of Islands, which became a destination for the rich and famous. He wrote many articles in international sporting magazines highlighting the uniqueness of New Zealand fishing, which has produced heavy-tackle world records for the major billfish, striped marlin, black marlin, blue marlin and broadbill. A lodge and camp were established at Otehei Bay in 1927 called the Zane Grey Sporting Club. He held numerous world records during this time and invented the teaser, a hookless bait that is still used today to attract fish. Grey made three additional fishing trips to New Zealand. The second was January to April 1927, the third December 1928 to March 1929, and the last from December 1932 to February 1933.

This brochure is in excellent condition, with virtually no indications of age or wear.

Condition / Notes: This brochure is in excellent condition, with virtually no indications of age or wear.
Lot 4014


Details: This lot consists of five beautiful color botanical prints, as shown in the corresponding images. Some flowers and plants featured include Auricula, Arum, and Asphodelus.

Measurements for these prints are approximately 9.75” x 15.75”.

These prints show very well, with minor indications of age and wear, including age toning. “Auricularum ursi” has water markings to the bottom left corner.

Condition / Notes: These prints show very well, with minor indications of age and wear, including age toning. “Auricularum ursi” has water markings to the bottom left corner.
Lot 4015


Details: This lot consists of an antique book including french text and over 45 plates titled "Dessins De Maitrees Anciens" or "Drawings of old masters". This book of drawings is gathered and published by M. Delacre and P. Lavellee and is dates 1927. The plates show very well and display drawings by artists such as:

Berto Di Giovanni
Abraham Bloemaert
J.-A. Lievens Le Jeune

and many more.

Condition / Notes: The plates in this vintage volume show well. The volume shows signs of exterior age/wear with age toning and edgewear. Pages are detached from the spine and the front and back covers are slightly torn. The interior pages show mild age toning to the page edges. There is some mild library treatment.
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