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Lot 7001


Details: This lot is an 1853 Map of Tompkins County with Property Ownership details and Illustrated Views.

This linen backed wall map measures approx. 50 3/4 x 32 1/2. The wooden top molding is present and the bottom dowel lacking.

Publisher -- Horace & Charles T. Smith, Publishers, Philadelphia

Lithographer -- Robert Pearsal Smith, 15 Minor St, Philadelphia (see notes below)

Surveyor -- “From Actual Surveys by L. Fagan”


Plan of Burdette
Plan of Dryden
Plan of Groton
Plan of Ithaca
Plan of Mecklenburg
Plan of Newfield

Cayuga Lake
Enfield Falls, height of fall 150 ft
Seneca Lake, depth 630 feet
Taughanic Falls

Cataract Hotel by JS Halsey, Taughanic Falls
Clinton House, Ithaca, Thompson & Warren Proprs
Forest City Water Cure & Ladies Seminary, Dr. Burdick
Tompkins County Bank
Treman & Brothers Hard Ware Store and Iron Works, Ithaca, NY

Col H. Brewer, Enfield
Rosedale, H.D. Blakeslee
So.Hill, Thos J. Phillips
Walter J. Thomas, Caroline
Wm O. Newman, Enfield

Population on the 1st of June 1850
Colleges, Academies, Schools
Comparative View of the Agricultural Condition of Tompkins County

Chemung County
Cortland County
Seneca County
Tioga County

Robert Pearsall Smith…born in Philadelphia on February 1, 1827, was a premier map lithographer during the mid 19th century. Known for his salesmanship and ability to negotiate, Smith continued Philadelphia's tradition as a center for map publishing and printing.

Smith began his career in lithography in 1846…in collaboration with his father and brother in the operation of the Anastatic Office, which specialized in a form of transfer lithography. Within a year, Smith assumed the business and converted it into a printing and map publishing establishment…employing a number of noteworthy lithographers, engravers and map colorists. (Courtesy The Library Company of Philadelphia website)

Condition / Notes: This impressive wall map is in good condition for its age, exhibiting signs of age and wear which may include flaking, foxing, water stains and tears.
Lot 7002


Details: Oil On Canvas Framed GEORGE M. REEVS PORTRAIT EMMA WADSWORTH PAINTING 1905 New York Original Artwork Decorative Art

This large portrait of Emma Wadsworth was commissioned by Chas D. Wadsworth and painted by George M. Reevs in 1905. The piece is signed and dated by the artist " Geo. M. Reevs 1905" and has its original neoclassical gilt frame, which has Whistler style reeds and plaster corner embellishments. Reevs was a noted New York portrait artist based in Chelsea and Brooklyn.

The painting measures approximately 32" x 42".

Worth Auctions is pleased to offer a rare work by George M Reevs, an important New York City portrait painter who was both a member and instructor at the Salmugundi Club and the Art School of New York. Reevs was born in 1864 and studied painting in Paris for five years between 1890 and 1895. Shortly after Reevs returned to the United States he rose to some prominence at the Salmugundi Club, winning prizes for his portraiture starting in 1901. The portrait of Emma Wadsworth was completed during the early stages of his career and demonstrates a great ability in both the technical application of painting and capturing the emotional and social milieu of his subjects. Reevs work can be found in private and institutional collections including The National Portrait Gallery and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Please attend our live sale to view this painting and other interesting artwork in person.

Condition / Notes: This piece shows nicely displaying the range wear indications one would expect in a painting of this age. Some craquelure is visible on the piece and there is a small chip near the center of the portrait and wear along the edges.
Lot 7003


Details: 2Pcs Antique Authentic 19TH CENTURY AMERICAN CURRENCY AND STOCK CERTIFICATES c1861-‘64 The Confederate States of America Confederate Vice-President Alexander Stephens Drawings Vignettes Farmer Field Ephemera Cherub Confederate Lady Palm Tree

This lot consists of 2 pieces of antique American ephemera.

Included in this lot of antique American ephemera are 2 unseparated Nontaxable Bond certificates issued by The Confederate States of America, 1861. They read: “payable two years after the ratification of a treaty of peace with the United States," and the printed value of each bond is $500. These authentic certificates are unsigned, unused and unseparated. Imprinted images of farmer at split rail fence, amongst trees, overlooking field.

Also included in this lot is a single $20 Bond Certificate drawn on The Confederate States of America, and payable “six months after the ratification of a peace treaty between The Confederate States and The United States," and the bond is dated “September 2, 1861.” Approximate dimensions are 7”x3”.

Imprinted images include a seated woman with cherub in center, on the left is an image of Confederate Vice-President Alexander Stephens, and on the right a Confederate lady liberty of sorts with a background of palm trees. This note is signed.

Please attend our live sale to view these ephemera and other interesting antique items in person.

Condition / Notes: These antique estate items are in good condition for their age, exhibiting signs of age and wear which may include tears around the edges, soiling, foxing, etc.
Lot 7004


Details: JD Harding RECOLLECTIONS OF INDIA DRAWN ON STONE 1847 Antique Plate Charles Stewart Hardinge Kashmir Fort of Chupayan Part II Plate 9 Collectible Artwork

This antique work is Plate 9 from Part II of "Recollections of India Drawn on Stone by J.D. Harding from the Original Drawings by the Honourable Charles Stewart Hardinge." The title, "Shupeyan Fort," is handwritten in the lower left margin.

The image measures approximately 14.75" x 10.25" on backing that measures approximately 21.75" x 17.75".

"In 1846, before meeting his father in Simla, Charles Hardinge spent 'a brief but delightful interval of repose in the far-famed region of romance and poetry - the Valley of Kashmir.' This fort was situated near the opening of the Pir Panjal Pass into the valley on the road to the city of Kashmir and was where Maharaja Ranjit Singh gained possession of the Valley from the Afghans in 1819." [Courtesy British Library]

Three additional plates from this text are available during this auction.

Please attend our live sale to view this work and other interesting ephemera in person.

Condition / Notes: This plate displays typical indications of age and wear including light age toning, foxing, and some marginal chipping or creasing. The colors remain vivid and bright.
Lot 7005


Details: 10Pcs Emancipation Proclamation CIVIL WAR ERA NEWSPAPER COLLECTION Daily Eastern Argus Portland Maine Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Jefferson Davis Confederate States Emancipation Proclamation South Carolina Confederacy New York Tribune Harper’s Weekly Historical Illustration Art

This lot of ten (10) Civil War era newspapers range in dates from 1861-1864, with a related Daily Eastern Argus from Portland, ME dated Oct. 30, 1872, owned by Gen. Joshua L. Chamberlain, Governor of Maine . Included is Single Sheet Philadelphia Evening Bulletin announcing The Election of Jefferson Davis as President of the Confederate States. Included are articles entitled “First Account Reaction To Emancipation Proclamation,” “South Carolina Protest 'Dissent In The Confederacy'", and other related articles of relevant and contemporary interests.

Civil War Era Newspaper collection lot includes:

October 22, 1861--New York Tribune
January 23, 1864--Harper’s Weekly Journal of Civilization
February 21, 1861—The Daily Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia

These rare and well-preserved newspapers are a testament to the efforts displayed during the Civil War, and unique original documents for historians, collectors, and connoisseurs.

Please attend our live sale to view these painting supplies and other interesting, unique items and antiques in person.

Condition / Notes: These News Stand Edition historical pieces with beautiful art, contemporary story telling and advertising, contain crisp and legible print, with limited wear on edges, offer a fascinating look into the mid 19th century turmoil, and are in very good condition.
Lot 7006


Details: This is a 1957 Madame Alexander "Cissy" doll with working 'sleep eyes'.
She is wearing a rare violet velvet and lavender tulle gown. She also wears satin briefs trimmed in lace, thigh-high stockings and crystal "gem" earrings. Her chestnut wig is styled in an up-doo with curls.

"The Alexander Doll Company was founded in 1923, is still in operation today in New York, NY USA." The Alexander Cissy doll, manufactured in the late 1950s, is a 20-21" tall, hard plastic doll with jointed elbows and knees, high heel feet and sleep eyes. "The Cissy head mold was used on some earlier dolls, clothes are tagged "Cissy", there were hundreds of outfits produced for her. The later Cissy's did not have the upper arm joint. Usually marked: ALEXANDER. Modern Cissy's were re-introduced in 1996 to present."
[Courtesy DollReference.com]
Condition / Notes: This doll is in very good condition, exhibiting some signs of age and wear that include discoloration along the hem of the skirt and soiling. The satin dress lining and three layered skirt is otherwise intact and there is a slight malfunction in the neck attachment.

Lot 7007


Details: Antique CHINESE BRONZE GU RITUAL LIBATION VESSEL Taotie Motif with Square Top and Base

This lot features an antique Chinese bronze gu, which was used as a vessel for communal consumption of ritual libations. The gu dates from the 18th century or older, and features a taotie mask motif encircled by archaistic line work. This gu is a square form vessel with an elegant four bladed handle and slightly recessed base for attaching to a wooden platform. As a group, bronze ritual vessels would have created a striking visual effect. Golden in colour when first made, they would rapidly have turned black in the humid summer climate of north-central China.

The gu measures approximately 8" x 4.5" x 4.5"

Please attend our live sale to view this item and other interesting artwork in person.

Condition / Notes: The gu shows well with only minor wear marks consistent with its age.
Lot 7008


Details: This lot is a full body mounted yearling buck Whitetail Deer.

This Young Stag, measuring 54" ear to tail, is professionally prepared and mounted on a platform by a taxidermist.

Measurements include:
38" shoulder to rump
34" from platform (under hoof) to top of back
44" from platform to top of head

The entire mounting platform measures 60" x 25.5" and the tallest point in the antler rack is 55# off the floor.

Condition / Notes: This handsome trophy is in excellent condition and does not appear to be shedding.
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