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Lot 6001


Details: This lot consists of an antique Civil War era uniform Cavalry Major shell jacket found with Major rank shoulder boards from circa mid to late 19th century. This lot is from the estate of a well-known and well-respected lifetime Civil War collector in Upstate New York. Worth Auctions will feature scores of antique weapons, paintings, and unusual items.

The jacket is of dark blue wool with cavalry yellow worsted tape trim on the hem, down the sides on the rear, in 2 rows on the collar, and in single peak on the sleeve cuffs. There are two small pads on the rear hem that are also trimmed. The interior of the jacket has left breast pocket, padded lining and shows armpit stains. Measurements are approximately 17.5" W x 22" L with 30.5" sleeves measured from bottom of the collar over the shoulder.

There are 2 buttons on each cuff and each side of the collar and 12 breast buttons. These general service buttons all show the Federal Eagle facing its right with olive branch in its right talon and breast shield. Backmarks read "SCOVILLS & Co. EXTRA" (circa 1850's). The top button on the right sleeve has no backmark. Breast buttons are double-secured with thread and small white clothespins. They measure 14mm in diameter.

The shoulder boards are of gold bullion trim and oak leaf, denoting rank of Major, on tan or yellow fields. They measure 1.4" x 4.25".
Condition / Notes: This jacket shows a typical range of period wear, age and handling which may include patina, abrasions, rust, loose stitches and soiling. Hand-sewn stitches are visible on the interior back seam of the jacket. Fabric of the body appears very fine with minimal or no nips to fabric. On the interior the pocket lining seam has come loose. There are nips on the field of the shoulder boards. Please see photos. You can attend our preview before the live auction to inspect and acquire more detailed information about this lot in person.
Lot 6002


Details: Very scarce original antique large folio size hand colored stone lithograph by Currier and Ives.

"Stars of the Trotting Track. Famous American Trotters and Drivers." by Currier and Ives c.1886. Measures 32" wide by 26" high.
Condition / Notes: This antique lithograph shows nicely, with moderate toning, fading, foxing, and mild staining. Mild edge tears on margins.
Lot 6003


Details: Antique c.1922 Remington Portable Typewriter.

Remington portable typewriter, serial number N V 24055. Made in 1922. This model year added the improvement of a shift key on both sides, to the existing model 1, or 'model A'. Gloss black, short carriage, 42 black characters on white keys, backspace key, shift lock, right and left shift key. Black ink ribbon included. Original case, no key.

Overall in case dimensions: 11" wide by 12 1/2" deep by 4" tall (sloped top).
Condition / Notes: This antique typewriter shows nicely, with moderate age and wear. Mechanically in need of lubrication and adjustment, due to mildly sticking keys consistent with long term lack or use and storage. Mild dust residue, abrasions, and key wear. Generally well preserved overall. It is in mildly stiff, but working condition. Missing key.
Lot 6004


Details: Handmade Chinese wool area rug by Cheng Chu.

Cheng Chu, Tientsen series. High quality, expertly constructed. Half inch pile. 4 ply thick yarns. Hand washed. Fine, all cotton canvas backing. Intricately hand carved. Decorative, luxurious 100% virgin wool, hand-knotted fringe. Measures 4' by 6'. Red base color. Made in People's Republic of China. Imported by Trans Ocean, New York, New York.
Condition / Notes: This luxurious wool rug shows nicely, with mild age and wear. Mildly soiled.
Lot 6005


Details: 3Pcs This lot consists of ammunition cartridge boxes and a carbine socket for Cavalry troops, all in black leather. This lot is from the estate of a well-known and well-respected lifetime Civil War collector in Upstate New York. Worth Auctions will feature scores of antique weapons, paintings, and unusual items.

The carbine socket has strap and roller buckle for attachment intact. The strap has a makers mark which partially reads “ METZ…PHILA”. It measures 2.3” high and the space for the muzzle measures 46mm in diameter.

The first of the two cartridge boxes is a top-opening hinged box with an oval “NJ” New Jersey plate that adorns the front. Two rear strap loops and latch tab and filial are intact. The interior is of tough brown fabric and has twenty cartridge loops of approximately 10mm diameter. It measures 7” x 3.5”.

The second cartridge box has an outer flap with scalloped edge, latch tab and filial, and two rear strap loops. The interior has a couple compartments. 5-point star stamps adorn the box in typical places like the sides, rear, and inside. The front has small script letters “US” and a makers mark which reads “J. DAVY & CO NEWARK N.J.” as well as a partially worn stamp of a script name in a rectangle which reads “J. Shepard”. It measures approximately 6.1" x 4".

Condition / Notes: These items show a typical range of period wear, age and handling which may include patina, abrasions, rust, flaking or cracking to leather, and soiling. The strap on the carbine socket is weak at one of the closure holes. The leather on the other boxes is very fine with flaking to the leather on flexible places to be expected for its age.
Lot 6006


Details: This original antique albumen photograph by George N. Barnard measures approx. 10.75"x14.25" and is presented on a captioned card mount.

Barnard had worked as a photographer documenting the Civil War from about 1861, initially working for Mathew Brady and Edward Anthony, and then, from December 1863, for the Topographical Branch of the Department of Engineers, Army of the Cumberland, based in Nashville. Under the direction of Captain of Engineers Orlando M. Poe, Barnard ran the army's photographic operations. Bernard continued to work for the Union army until June 1865, recording a number of well-known locations, and taking part in Sherman's campaign, behind the front lines, taking photographs in his capacity as an official army photographer. In 1866, Barnard would publish his monumental Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign. "[It] is a remarkable work of great symbolic, historic, and artistic power. It is a result of a complex interweaving of Barnard's personal vision, nineteenth-century pictorial conventions, and larger ideas about war and the American landscape. The album was the most ambitious project of Barnard's career, and has long been recognized as a landmark in the history of photography" (Davis p.170). Indeed, the work has been called the first great landscape photobook. Interestingly, the above image is not found in Barnard's Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign, instead comprising part of the impressive work done at Lookout Mountain for General Orlando M. Poe and the Corps of Topographical Engineers. "Barnard's photographs from the summit of Lookout Mountain were taken in several positions. It is clear that he was fascinated by the aesthetic potential of this site, and used a set of visual motifs in a variety of permutations. These motifs included the majestic sweep of the landscape itself, the sinuous path of the Tennessee River, the contrast between rocky outcroppings in the foreground and the forested landscape below, and the presence of self-absorbed spectators within this natural grandeur. While central to the landscape art of this era, these themes had rarely been so eloquently expressed in photography" (Davis, p. 67).
Condition / Notes: Please attend our live sale to inspect this rare and desirable early photograph in person.
Lot 6007


Details: Large ornately carved Chinese Duan inkstone.

This traditional Chinese calligraphy inkstone is ornately carved from natural Duan stone. The stone is a purple toned slab of volcanic tuff, profusely carved on the top surface with a detailed Chinese dragon. Natural stone eye inclusions throughout. Measures 14 1/2" long by 10" wide by 3 3/4" tall.
Condition / Notes: This inkstone shows handsomely. Mild abrasions, mild chips and mild wear mark the surfaces. Mild dust residue.
Lot 6008


Details: Antique c.1912 Victor Victrola Talking Machine phonograph with large collection of original antique Victrola phonograph records.

This handsome mahogany cabinet Victrola is a Model VV-XVI, serial number 61685 P; manufactured in 1912. It features all original makers plates and decals. The reproducer bears part number 35134B. Hand crank motor operation. Tested, and in wonderful working condition. Measures approx. 49" tall by 24 1/2" deep by 24" wide. Luxurious carved mahogany, brass hardware. Front and rear cabinets. Casters. Includes 7 replacement needles for reproducer.

Also included in this lot, is 13 original Victor album storage binders. These feature the iconic "His Master's Voice" logo, and are maroon with brass pulls. Designed to specifications of this Victrola's front cabinet. No less than 117 original Victrola records fill these albums. While a few have mild to moderate wear and scratches, the vast majority are listening ready. No doubt many of these titles are rarities. The original green leather Victor Victrola Index of Records accompanies this collection, filled with neatly handwritten indexing notes about the original owner's album collection.

This is a very complete lot, and will provide the buyer a turn-key Victrola experience.

Condition / Notes: This antique Victrola shows very handsomely, with mild abrasions and a generally well preserved cabinet. There is shallow 1" scratch on the top of lid, and a 4" white mark on left side of cabinet. There are also mild abrasions on the album storage shelves consistent with the removal and replacement of the album binders over the course of time, as well as mild fingernail scratches on the top edge of the cabinet doors. Includes 7 replacement needles in an envelope.

The operation has been tested, and playback of a sample record was consistently clear and audible.
Lot 6009


Details: This original etching by famed equestrian artist Jenness Cortez is titled "The Travers," numbered 38/40, and signed by the artis in pencil.

In the margin is an original watercolor and pencil remarque of Wise Times and jockey Jerry Bailey.

The six-plate print involves a number of different intaglio techniqus including drypoint, aquatint, roulette, spit bite, open bite, and litho-crayon stopout.

The print is attractively framed to approx. 44"x24" and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the Classic Gallery of Sport.

Please attend our live sale to inspect this original work of art in person.

Condition / Notes: This print shows beautifully with minimal signs of age or handling.
Lot 6010


Details: 2Pcs. Boxed LYTRO ILLUM 40 Megaray Light Field Camera with Constant F/2.0, 8X Optical Zoom, and 4" Touchscreen LCD (Black) and a boxed premium LYTRO neck strap.

Sensor: Capture a deeper picture. LYTRO ILLUM's 40 Mega ray customized sensor, with Lytro's patented micro lens array technology, unlocks the ability to capture the color, intensity and direction of the light rays flowing into the camera.
Lens: All you need in just one lens. The incredibly versatile 8x optical zoom, 30-250mm equivalent focal length (35 mm equivalent) with a constant f/2 aperture and 1:3 macro lets you take a wide range of shots without ever having to change your lens.
Lytro Button: Compose your pictures in a new way. During image capture, an interactive depth feedback display shows the relative focus of all objects in the frame, allowing composition in three dimensions.
Light Field Engine 2.0: Bigger pictures, faster processing. LYTRO ILLUM's powerful in-camera software provides real-time feedback allowing for dramatic composition of every shot.
Total Control: Perfect balance of tactile controls and touch interface. With a sleek design, LYTRO ILLUM pairs the controls of a high-end camera with a state-of-the-art 4" touchscreen for ultimate flexibility and control.

Please see manufacturer's web site for system requirements and technical specifications at: www.lytro.com

Camera contents include: Lytro Illum (model B5) camera, quick start guide, quick charger, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, lens cap, lens hood, shoulder/neck strap, 2 strap anchors, 72mm neutral density filter, micro-USB 3.0 cable, lens cloth.

Condition / Notes: This boxed camera and accessories show very mild use. Original box, with original boxed accessories. Premium neck strap is also boxed. Very complete. Please note: this camera does not include SD card. Battery is in original box, and camera is untested. Packaging shows very mild wear and age.
Lot 6011


Details: 2Pcs This lot consists of antique hat plates that presumably adorned large military hats such as a shako.

One plate has a brassy brackground mounted by a gray metal plate with the letters "NEG" on a lined field. The rear has a soldered pin and C-clasp brooch and bears a makers mark which reads "JAMES S. SMITH MAKER NEW YORK". 3.25" W x 4.5" H.

The other plate, with the original device for mounted Dragoons, is all of gray metal with 2 holes in each corner for sewing attachment. The face bears a repousse device showing an eagle in flight with a wreath of olive branches over a dragoon charging on horseback with sabre raised above his head. 3" W x 4" H.

This lot is from the estate of a well-known and well-respected lifetime Civil War collector in Upstate New York. Worth Auctions will feature scores of antique firearms, edged weapons, paintings, and unusual items. A selection of post-1898 firearms by major manufacturers will also be featured.
Condition / Notes: These hat plates show a typical range of normal period wear, age and handling which may include patina, abrasions, rust and soiling. The shield on the NEG plate wiggles a bit and there is some surface soiling on both plates.
Lot 6012


Details: 3Pcs This lot consists of antique Officers' buckle plates found on leather belts which date to circa the late 19th century or later. This lot is from the estate of a well-known and well-respected lifetime Civil War collector in Upstate New York. Worth Auctions will feature scores of antique weapons, paintings, and unusual items.

The Officers' buckle plates show Officers' olive branch half-wreath, Federal Eagle facing its right with breast shield, olive branches in its right and arrows in its left talons, and "E PLURIBUS UNUM" banner flying from its beak with 13 stars in the "sky" on a pebbled field.

One belt has a strap of white or buff leather with decorative black stitching and embossing. It has a leather keeper, metal ring on the hanging end and leather guard for under the buckle when secured. The leather guard has a makers mark in faint silver gilt on it and has been re-attached with excellent hand-stitches in light blue thread. The number "36" is penciled on the back of the strap. The buckle plate on this belt is of grey metal with a dark patina. The strap measures 36" x 1.25" and the plate 3" x 2".

Another belt, with brown strap with remnants of black and a nice suede feel, has a J-hook on the buckle end which is doubled over and secured with a hand-punched hole in the strap and leather keeper. Halfway along the belt a D-ring is sewn on the exterior with leather straps. Farther down are two perforated lines crossing the belt where another attachment strap may have been sewn on. The strap ends in a metal tip with a slot that accepts the tab hook on the back of the buckle plate. The plate on this belt is of a brassy golden metal and the Officers wreath is made with light grey metal attachments that simulate going underneath the eagles wingtips.32.5" x 1.75" and plate 3.25" x 2".

The last belt has a strap of tough fabric encased with thin black leather. The buckle end is folded over through the side slot on the buckle and secured with a roller buckle and hole punched in the strap. There are a variety of other small hand-punched holes along the belt. The other side ends with a metal tip with slot and leather guard. Near the center is a D-ring sewn into a leather strap on the bottom of the belt. The plate on this belt has a fine brassy color with red patina in the low areas of the relief. The strap measures 38.5" x 1.6" and the plate 3.25" x 1.9".

Condition / Notes: These items show a typical range of period wear, age and handling which may include patina, abrasions, rust, flaking or cracking to leather, loose stitches and soiling. The brown suede belt is weak where the stitch perforations are on the strap. The black strap is slightly stiff and has myriad bends in it from being adjusted or bearing attachments.
Lot 6013


Details: Original antique large folio size hand colored stone lithograph by Currier and Ives.

"The Pasture in Summer" by Currier and Ives. Measures 28" wide by 22" high.
Condition / Notes: This antique lithograph shows nicely with moderate toning, fading and foxing. Moderate to significant edge tears and staining on margin.
Lot 6014


Details: Quality hand made Turkish rug.

Measures 87" by 34"

Thick pile, quality wool. Red and blue base colors. Hand made in Turkey.

Condition / Notes: This rug shows nicely, with mild wear and soiling.
Lot 6015


Details: 11Pcs. This lot comprises vintage tobbaciana collectibles.

Included in this lot are 5 vintage decorative table top lighters, a cigar cutter, match holder, and 4 tobacciana tins.

Two mid-century lighters are ornately decorated, one tabletop lighter set in petrified wood, and two are glass bottomed with Japanese made lighters. There is also a wood handled cigar cutter, 3 cigarette tins, a decorative match holder/ashtray combo made in Greece, and a plastic card deck case with vintage matches inside.

Condition / Notes: These tobacciana collectibles show nicely, with mild to moderate wear and age. The lighters do not have fuel in them, have questionable flints, and are not in working condition.
Lot 6016


Details: 12 Pcs. This lot comprises an original signed etching, decorative doilies, crocheted table runners, embroidered table runners, and a vintage plastic urn lamp.

This lot includes:

Original, artist signed etching of Boris O’Klein’s Dirty Dogs of Paris. Hand-colored etching of popular illustration. Signed in pencil. Measures 24" by 14". Framed.

(1) 11" by 6" crocheted cotton doily.

(2) 14" by 2 1/2" cotton doilies.

(1) 13" crocheted cotton doily.

(2) Lined embroidered doilies. One measures 8" by 5 1/2", and one measures 11" by 5 1/2".

(1) Crocheted cotton table runner.

(2) Satin stitch embroidered raw silk table runners with crocheted margins and knotted fringe. Measure approximately 64" by 24" each.

(1) 88" by 15" Crocheted cotton table runner with knotted fringe.

Vintage plastic urn lamp. Measures approx 23" tall by 17" wide. Pewter colored pedestal base and handles, marbled cream colored accents. Molded plastic, with small craft bulb sized lamp inside, and external on/off switch on electric cord. 120v power supply.
Condition / Notes: These materials show moderate age and wear. The lamp works, and has mild abrasions and wear. The decorative crotcheted runners and doilies show moderate to significant toning, soiling and wear. The framed etching shows well, with mild wear, toning and fading.
Lot 6017


Details: Dry Mounted original antique large folio size hand colored stone lithograph by Currier and Ives.

"Fast Trotters On Harlem Lane N.Y." by Currier and Ives. Measures 30" wide by 22" high.
Condition / Notes: This antique lithograph shows nicely with mild to moderate toning, fading and foxing.
Lot 6018


Details: Quality Turkish style area rug.

Measures 54" by 29". Thick pile, quality construction. Red base color.
Condition / Notes: This quality area rug shows nicely, with a stain near the corner, mild wear and soiling.
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