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From individual items to entire estates, november27_03_picswe have the experience and resources to generate maximum return for your collections and personal property of all types.  Our extensively developed research and cataloging techniques allow us to deliver exceptional returns on a wide variety of materials by creating small, individual lots from larger inventories. Collections are divided into themed lots of one or several items making them approachable for buyers of all scopes. From these lots, we create highly accessible auction catalogs, generating vigorous bidder interest for all items in a collection. In addition, by offering collections in their entirety, we capture robust returns for more abundant items by allowing them to stand on the shoulders of the high-value, headline pieces. We specialize in generating the maximum return for every collection with our established methodology and reputation that attracts eager buyers for every item in the collection.

Estates and Private Collections

When you are ready to sell—no collection is too big or too small—maximize your return by keeping your collection intact. Avoid offers to break up groups or remove high-value items. This can substantially reduce the value of your collection by leaving behind a fragmented group with severely limited market appeal. We can pick up anywhere in the country within seven days.  Call us first when you are ready to go to market and we’ll be happy to discuss your collection with you. We will gladly help you make an informed decision before committing to a course of action.

No other auction service provides what Worth Auctions will. We handle entire collections and are on the cutting-edge of technology from the moment the material is on our hands. Worth Auctions is a product of this new technology and utilizes the Internet to its greatest advantage — marketing to a global bidding pool.

We have created a simple form which will provide us with some preparatory information, to open a conversation about your material. Please complete this form with as much as detail as is available and click “Send Email.” You may also want to email us supporting files ( which contain information pertinent to your material.